The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) says normal train services have continued between Kaduna-Rigasa, Idu in Abuja after a train heading to Abuja derailed.

NRC’s Deputy Director of Public Relations, Yakubu Mahmood, said in a statement made in Sunday that the derailment of the train was a minor one and there were no casualties.

He stated that all the passengers on board the Kaduna-Rigasa to Idu Abuja arrived at their respective destinations safely.

NRC deployed a team of it’s engineers to the site to restore the affected locations

It regretted any inconveniences the incident caused the affected passengers and assured them of its efforts towards ensuring their safety and comfort

The Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB) said some of its personnel had been dispatched to investigate.

A visit to the scene showed that at least two of the train’s coaches skidded off the track, while the rail track suffered some damage.

The incident left passengers on the train stranded for some time, but they were eventually evacuated.

Security personnel, including those from the Nigeria Police and Army, were at the site to provide support.