Kenya’s President William Ruto has stated that their peacekeeping police force is set to arrive in Haiti within approximately three weeks to assist in addressing the escalating gang violence.
President Ruto confirmed in an interview that a team is already in Haiti, coordinating with local authorities before the Kenyan troops’ deployment.
This initiative follows Ruto’s recent three-day visit to Washington DC, marking the first official state visit by an African leader to the US in over 15 years.
The White House has urged for the swift deployment of the Kenyan-led multinational force, particularly after the recent killing of three missionaries in Haiti, including an American couple.
Ruto emphasized the urgency of the situation, stressing that such tragic events highlight the necessity of intervention to prevent further loss of life.
The US is collaborating with Kenya as part of the multinational coalition, with President Biden expressing support for the expedited deployment of the force during discussions with President Ruto.
Additionally, a joint base for troops and equipment, being constructed with US assistance, is nearing completion, currently at around 70% progress.