The United Nations General Assembly has supported a Palestinian bid to attain full UN membership, as stated in an official announcement released Friday. The assembly urged the UN Security Council to reconsider the request positively, marking a significant global endorsement of Palestinian statehood.

With 143 votes in favor and 9 against – including the US and Israel – and 25 abstentions, the assembly’s resolution underscores widespread backing for the Palestinian bid. While this does not grant full UN membership to Palestine, it acknowledges their eligibility to join.

Previously, the United States vetoed a council resolution in April aimed at facilitating Palestine’s UN membership, reaffirming its opposition to the assembly’s resolution. According to the UN Charter, prospective members must be “peace-loving,” with the Security Council’s recommendation necessary for final approval.

Palestine obtained non-member observer status in the UN in 2012. The assembly’s resolution now suggests that Palestine meets the criteria for membership, emphasizing the need for the Security Council to reconsider their request positively.