President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has expressed Nigeria and Egypt’s joint dedication to advancing global peace, emphasizing Africa’s stability is of paramount importance.

He made this statement on Friday in Abuja  reiterating  Nigeria’s role as a stabilizing force in Africa.

He welcomed Egypt’s contributions to Gaza’s crisis resolution and highlighted the long-standing collaboration between Nigeria and Egypt in promoting regional peace and security since establishing diplomatic ties in 1961 .,

The discussions at the meeting also touched on the situation in the Sahel and Sudan

Egyptian Ambassador Mohammed Ahmed conveyed President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s eagerness to enhance economic ties with Nigeria, particularly in trade and investments.

In a meeting with Pakistan’s High Commissioner, Tinubu highlighted the value of exchanging ideas on security and defense, emphasizing global cooperation against terrorism and extremism. The High Commissioner emphasized similarities between Pakistan and Nigeria and aimed to strengthen their ties further.

In another meeting with Greece’s Ambassador, Tinubu reaffirmed Nigeria’s commitment to collaboration and progress, ensuring an open-door policy for mutual benefit. He pledged to strengthen bilateral relations and address common challenges. The Greek Ambassador outlined efforts to finalize agreements in tourism, science, technology, and maritime with Nigeria.