The need to further enhance curricula development across tertiary institutions has been highlighted at a Workshop organized by the British Council in collaboration with the National Universities Commission (NUC)

The Director of programmes at the British Council, Chikodi Onyemerela, while speaking on the topic “Enhancing Curriculum and Pedagogical Approaches in Nigerian Universities,” in Abuja, said innovative and effective curriculum, pedagogical approach, research and leadership – would set the path for the desired destination where academic outcomes meet industry needs in Nigeria

He explained that the partnership between both bodies was necessary – to keep up with global trends; adding that there was a need to change from the traditional teaching and learning approach to digital literacy in solving problems.

In his remark, the acting Executive Secretary of the N.U.C, Chris Maiyaki called for continuous curriculum reform in Nigerian universities to enable them adapt in a fast-changing world.

Mr Maiyaki said these inputs, along with the curriculum of programmes obtained from some foreign and renowned universities, serves as major working materials for the various panels constituted for such purpose.