National association of Nigerian students NANS dun talk say dem no too like the recent statement wey chairmo of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mr Olu Olukoyede been make say most naija students dey run 419 business so therefore dem get criminal element.

According to the presdio of NANS Comrade Akinteye Afeez the statement no get evidence and E dey misrepresent wetin Nigerian students stand for and the statement dun push dirty for all the student wey dey naija white.


Comrade Afeez yarn say this talk-talk say 70% of niaja student na criminal na talk wey dey to destroy the image of all the student wey do their best to run one or two to fit make their lives better and to label almost everybody as thief na something wey no make sense and say make the chairmo reason how to provide evidence to back up this talk.

He add say even for book of law any body wey dem catch dey innocent until dem dun prove am guilty with correct evidence wey no get argument and bases and say make the EFFC Oga remember say word get meaning and consequences and make him dey double check before im just dey mis-yarn.


He finish the matter as him advice the EFFC to dey careful of the kind word wey him go dey talk and slso carry respect give students in order to fit avoid the anger of Nigerian student.