Federal road safety corps dun talk say vehicle inspection officers wey country people dey call VIO get legal backing and right to arrest traffic offenders depending on the sates wey dem dey operate.

Na deputy corps marshal FRSC oga Bisi Kazeem talk this one for Abuja to clear the ‘dem-say dem-say’ wey been dun dey on top the matter on weather say VIOs fit arrest offenders or not.


He add say VIO get the right to arrest drivers for offences like operating overloading plus using phones while driving and say make people try to dey cooperate with officers of Vehicle Inspection Officers.

Oga Kazeem talk say FRSC and VIOs na brothers and sisters wey dey gum body today wen he comes to road matter and both of them dey work to make sure the road dey safe for everybody wey dey use am for naija.


To finish matter, he add say make everybody try cooperate with all traffic rules and regulations so hat dem no go fall into the hands of the law.