Federal Government has announced plans to create about 50,000 jobs through Artificial Intelligence (AI) by 2030.

This was disclosed today by the Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani, when he released his Ministry’s draft Strategic Blueprint for the next four year.

According to him, AI will usher in a new era of technological and economic transformation over the next two decades.

The minister said as an emerging economy, it is imperative that the country formulate a national strategy to harness the potential of AI in an inclusive and responsible manner.

Dr. Tijani noted that the strategic blueprint of the Ministry encompasses five key pillars, which include Knowledge, Policy, Infrastructure, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Capital and Trade.

According to him, each pillar is important in the Ministry’s mission and interconnected with others, forming the foundation of the strategy.

While highlighting the primary objective of the ministry as regards to the growth and sustainability of startups, Dr. Tijani revealed that the country plans to help startups raise their total yearly funding to 5 billion dollars by 2027.